SuperMomsWithSickleCell Inc.

Frank Boyd
Vice President

Our Chief Financial Officer
Spends his free time finding new ways to grow SMWSC Inc.

Supermoms with Sickle Cell Inc.'s main goal is to create housing and childcare for mothers during their sickle cell hospitalizations

Our Organization Main Goal


Tootie Leathia

2014 - SMwSC became a social media support  group.

  1. 2015  March 25 SMwSC became Incorporated.
  2. April 23 the SMwSC Presents The Phenomenal Woman's Fashion Showcase.
  3. June 20 SMwSC Inc. Presents our Nationwide Meet n Greet, held in WI, MD, DC, AL and FL
  4. August 31 SMwSC Inc. Held our first Blood Drive in Milwaukee, WI. 
  5. December 25 SMwSC Inc. Held a Teddy Bear Drive for shut in children at community hospitals on Christmas Day


  1. March 25th Incorporate Anniversary
  2. April 2nd Hosted 2nd Annual Fashion Awareness Show
  3. June 18th Held 2nd Annual Meet n Greet in CA, FL, WI and VA
  4. August 2nd Milwaukee Blood Drive in Milwaukee, WI.

Super Moms with Sickle Cell started as a support group for moms who were dealing with personal and family issues surrounding sickle cell, but when I saw that so many of us had so much in common, I knew it was time to go further.

I'm Blessed to recognize my purpose in helping women like myself, raise awareness and making others smile with confidence.


A Few of our supporting


Founder and President

#SMwSC Our greatest goal is to house the children of super mothers that carry the Sickle Cell Disease when they are being treated for crisis in the hospital. Not just one, but hundreds of buildings across the US in every community, will take part in educating, nurturing, and providing shelter for the single families of mothers who struggle with Sickle Cell Disease.


Eric Fisher
Secretary of Operations
Makes sure our financial and legal operations are in order